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Welcome to "The Solar Spectacle: The Sun in Art and Science," an illuminating competition that invites artists and budding scientists of all ages to explore the sun's radiant beauty and its pivotal role in the cosmos through their creative lenses. This unique Topic encourages participants of all ages to delve into the myriad ways the sun touches our lives, from the warmth of a sunny day to the complex interactions within our solar system. Whether it's capturing the quietude of a sunrise, the drama of solar flares, or the imaginative possibilities of life energized by our closest star, this Topic seeks to blend artistic expression with scientific curiosity.

Artificial Sun

Sun in your Experiments and Laboratory

Aditya Future Missions

India’s Future Missions to study Our Sun

Solar System with the Sun

The Sun as a part of the broader solar system, including planets and asteroids

Cultural Representations of the Sun

Drawings inspired by how different cultures around the world depict the Sun in art and symbolism

The Sun and Seasons

Showing how the Sun influences different seasons around the year

Abstract Interpretations of the Sun

Encouraging abstract or symbolic representations of the Sun and its influences

Space Missions to Study the Sun

Drawing space missions or spacecraft designed to study the Sun

Astrophotography-Inspired Sun

Realistic or scientifically accurate depictions of the Sun, inspired by Astrophotography

Impact of the Sun on Earth's Environment

The Sun's role in climate change or environmental phenomena

The Sun’s Lifecycle

Illustrations showing stages in the life of a star, including the Sun

Eclipses and Transits

Artistic interpretations of solar and lunar eclipses or planetary transits

Solar Power in Action

Imagining futuristic or current solar-powered inventions

The Sun in Mythology

Depicting various mythological stories or gods associated with the Sun

The Sun and Earth's Weather

How the Sun affects weather patterns on Earth

Solar Flares and Sunspots

Drawing the dynamic activities on the Sun's surface

Dressing for the Sun

Outfits or gear for a day out in the sun (like hats, sunglasses, etc.)

20 Minutes

The Sunny Day

Drawings depicting a bright, sunny day and activities they enjoy doing in the sun

25 Minutes

Solar System's Star

Simple illustrations showing the Sun and its place in the solar system

30 Minutes

Sunrise and Sunset

Colorful interpretations of sunrise and sunset scenes

15 Minutes

The Sun’s Friends

Imaginary characters or animals that live under the Sun

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